Sunday, September 29, 2013

The TRANS-PACIFIC PARTNERSHIP, if passed, would be the worst thing ever done to the 99% by the 1%, bar none. If a demonstration against the TPP happens near you, join it! "Whatever issue you're concerned about, whether it's internet freedom, workers' rights, wages, the environment, health care, safety, consumer safety, all these issues will be adversely affected by the TPP because it'd become a corporate-dominated economy, a global economy. It's really a global corporate coup." -- Kevin Zeese

TPP Protestors Scale Trade Building To Bring Attention to Secretive Deal

Kevin Zeese: The Trans-Pacific Partnership has nothing to do with trade or freedom, and ongoing demonstrations could encourage those on the inside to speak up - 1 hour ago                                                   Original Here

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Kevin Zeese is co-director of It's Our Economy, an organization that advocates for democratizing the economy. He's also an attorney who is one of the original organizers of the National Occupation of Washington, DC. He has been active in independent and third party political campaigns including for state legislative offices in Maryland, governor of California and U.S. president, where he served as press secretary and spokesperson for Ralph Nader in 2004. He ran for the U.S. Senate in 2006 and was the only person ever nominated by the Green Party, Libertarian Party and Populist Party. His twitter is @KBZeese. 

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