Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Was the $700 Billion Bailout of Wall Street Necessary? Answer: Hell, NO!!!

You would have to look long and hard in the so-called mainstream media to find any hint that taxpayer bailouts of Wall Street are not only bad for tax payers but they don’t even begin to solve the problem! Want to know why?

Listen to Dennis Kucinich explain it to Amy Goodman on Democracy Now!:


Dennis is not the only member of Congress who actually understands the nature of the problem and why a Main-Street-favorable solution is the ONLY SOLUTION (see next) but he sure is lucid in answering Amy’s questions.

Rep. Marcy Kaptur (also a Democrat from Ohio) explains this on the House floor to her fellow Representatives, most of whom seem to have stepped out:


Otherwise, you may be interested in reading “How Wall Street Can Bail Itself Out without Destroying the Dollar” by Thom Hartmann


And finally, there is the article "A Better Bailout" by Joseph E. Stiglitz, a renowned American economist and the winner of the Nobel Prize in economics:


Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Impending Economic Chernobyl is the Work of Wall Street Criminals

Subprime isn’t the only problem created by the mortgage lenders. There is also COLATERAL FRAUD, which may be magnifying the problem as much as ten fold. Go here and scroll to Part VIII:


In addition there is massive CURRENCY INTERVENTION by the U.S. government, which so far has kept the American dollar from falling to the depths it should have by now (ibid, Part IX).

How much is the dollar really worth? Remember the gold standard? Well, I expect that you will be as surprised as I was to learn that it is now VIRTUALLY IMPOSSIBLE TO BUY PHYSICAL GOLD. There is very little available in the market place. Law of supply and demand? The price of gold should be going up, right? Wrong! The price of gold (and gold mining stocks) has been going down, down, down.


How do they drive down the price of gold when the supply is zero? Answer: by NAKED SHORT SELLING (“naked” means that the seller hasn’t even borrowed what he is selling). Here is the “smoking gun” proof:


What’s more, naked short selling of targeted small companies continues to be extensively practiced at the “retail” level by the mafias and others IN COLLABORATION WITH THE FINANCIAL NEWS MEDIA. Read all about it here:


When you get to the Deep Capture site, I recommend that you first click “Deep Capture: The Explanation” (second button on the right) and then read Chapters 4 and 7 in that order. They’re not very long. Then, if you are interested enough in the real-life history of massive sales of never-delivered PHANTOM STOCKS and the media complicity/cover up thereof, click the first button “Deep Capture: The Story.” (Warning: This one IS long, although it’s a great read in the style of Tom Clancy but strictly non-fiction).

Finally, lurking at the bottom of the toxic waste dump that has become our economy are the CREDIT DEFAULT SWAPS (CDSs), which are currently estimated to be about $45 TRILLION (more than half of the asset base of the entire global banking system!). However, when one takes into account the TRADING of these CDSs, their notional value balloons to something like half a $QUADRILLION!!!:


There is not near enough money in the world to bail out the assholes who created this mess. And why would anyone want to?

Be assured that the criminals responsible for this mess have their plans to profit from the mother of all crashes ...in the same manner as they presently profit from their manipulations on a daily basis. I recently discovered the following link, which tells you how the insider specialists do it:


If you understand their system and mimic what they do, you too will will have a chance to make money in the market. But just be ready to bailout on short notice before the crash arrives ...or better still put yourself into crash-proof equities like the Canadian oil funds (for example, on the NYSE: PWE or PGH or OTC: NOIGF or PMGYF). But if you should take this advice, be prepared to see your fine investments manipulated all the way to the last second...