Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Are the mainstream media informing Americans of climate change? "Absolutely not." Says Subhankar Banerjee: "The corporate media is doing a dismal job. After my first piece was published about the Boulder Colorado flood last Friday, I received numerous comments from readers that the media is showing the tragedy and what is going on, but no one is raising a single question about if this event is related to climate change. Jaisal Noor, TRNN Producer: "...supporters of President Obama would say that he is confined by the political reality, lack of public support, and the Republicans, who will not back any real climate change initiatives. What's your response to people that say that President Obama is doing is much as he can?" Bannerjee: "That is absolutely not true, because you just mentioned the public. The public, as polls after poll show, are deeply concerned about climate change, and support, actually, public policy to address climate change. And you brought up the Republican. Republican leadership of course has been horrible. Bush was the oil president, and then Obama is following in his heels. But the public ...even some 70 percent Republicans are actually in support, do now understand, and believe climate change, and do support public policy to address it."

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Colorado's Biblical Floods Linked To Climate Change Pt1: Subhankar Banerjee: 
The media has utterly failed its responsibility to inform the public of the link between climate change and worsening natural disasters - September 19, 13

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Obama's Climate Change Policies Are Imperialistic and Despotic Pt 2: 
Subhankar Banerjee: The Obama administration's focus on oil extraction and emphasis on fracking is not addressing climate change - September 19, 13                                                                       Original Here

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Subhankar Banerjee is an environmental humanities scholar and activist. Over the past thirteen years he has worked tirelessly for the conservation of ecoculturally significant areas of the Arctic, and to raise awareness about indigenous human rights and climate change. He has also been focusing on climate change impacts in the desert southwest. He founded, and is editor of the anthology Arctic Voices: Resistance at the Tipping Point which will be published in paperback on October 8, 2013 (Seven Stories Press). He was recently Director’s Visitor at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, Distinguished Visiting Professor at Fordham University in New York, received Distinguished Alumnus Award from the New Mexico State University, and Cultural Freedom Award from Lannan Foundation.

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