Thursday, March 01, 2012


Connor Boyack on KSL regarding Bomb Iran Billboard

Uploaded by cboyack on Feb 25, 2012

This video aired on KSL in Utah on February 25, 2012. The story features a billboard funded by several dozen people and coordinated by a few political activists looking to help people understand that the impending war with Iran is neither necessary nor justified.

The billboard points people to, where more information can be found along with helpful links, books, and documentaries on the topic

Blogger's Note: The military-industrial-complex-owned "mainstream media" have been incessantly hyping the allegation that Iran is actively working towards producing a nuclear weapon, whereas the available evidence says that they are not (see here). But even if they were, it would be suicidal for Iran to use its sole weapon in a first strike against a nation possessing hundreds of nuclear bombs and superior means of accurate delivery. I have argued here that this anti-Iran jingoism is expressly to create the appearance that the impending destruction of the western world's economies is due to the consequences of the attack (one of which would be destruction of the U.S. Fifth Fleet as "collateral damage"), whereas the global banks have already destroyed our economies (they are presently on terminal life support provided at taxpayer expense by The Fed). It would be desirable therefore for billboards like this one to spring up all across the country...

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