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Hidden Nuke, Crashed Satellite

Nuclear-armed cruise missiles transported against all Air Force regulations in firing positions on a B-52 bomber, August 30, 2007.

The accompanying links comprise a (non-exhaustive) quasi-chronological sequence starting with one published four days before the notorious flight of a B-52 carrying six nuclear-armed cruise missiles from Minot AFB in Iowa to Barksdale AFB in Louisiana. The link below indicates that persons with advance knowledge of a stock-market-crashing event were poised to profit from a crash of 30-40% by September 21st ...and lost about $700-900 million when it didn’t happen (the following link worked originally but has since been taken down).

My first awareness of the B-52 event itself was via an internet publication forwarded with obvious trepidation by Jeff Latas (link below). I include Jeff’s cover e-mail because of his credibility. He is a highly decorated F-15 pilot of the first Gulf War and a former President of U.S. Air Force Accident Investigation Board (this is still available as of 10-2013. Tip: Use the higher-up download button).

There were at least three Washington Post articles on the B-52 event (links below). The third one below reveals that high-level military officers have been cashiered, and some may yet be court marshaled, for their parts in allowing those warheads to be air transported in direct violation of long-standing rules and virtually unbreakable safeguards. This is very different response than in the wake of 9/11, when the commander of NORAD wasn’t even given a rap on the knuckles for prearranging for the nation's capital to be totally without an air defense on that fateful morning.

Translated: The military high command apparently tolerated the propagation of the myth of 9/11 being the work of 19 incompetent Arabs led by one hiding in a distant cave; but this time they have “drawn the line” against allowing a false-flag attack with a nuclear weapon to occur against Iran ...or on U.S. soil (either of which would crash the financial markets for sure).

The following link notes the subsequent deaths of six servicemen who took part in the mission at Minot AFB, which I suspect means that these six (and likely others) sacrificed their lives to thwart what was likely to have been a false-flag nuclear attack ...which, if on American soil, would have been the trigger for marshal law and cancellation elections, in addition to crashing the financial markets and sending the dollar the way of the peso (The following link still worked as of 10-2013. Tip: The story begins 4 paragraphs below the dedication).

Reports of a "meteorite" impact in Peru, September 15, 2007.

I find the first link below this paragraph to be a very plausible analysis (despite the errors I will mention below) by a woman who writes in Moscow for the newspaper Pravda. The second link below is a western report of the same impact that Pravda reporter Sorcha Faal attributes to a crashed U.S. KH-13 satellite (Both links still worked as of 10-2013).

This second link, appearing eight day’s later than Faal’s column, asserts that “Conspiracy theorists will be disappointed” with what the article purports to be the real story: A meteorite done it.

Oh, really?

Here is the way I approached the “crashed satellite” hypothesis: The orbit of the KH-13 satellite is officially secret, so it can’t be found on the internet (although Russian Military Intelligence surely knows where it is ...or was). So I looked up earlier-vintage satellites of the same series on the Union of Concerned Scientists Data Base:

I found that 4 of the 5 “Keyhole” satellites (all of them advanced KH-11s or KH-12s) are in sun-synchronized near-polar orbits that on passing the North Pole move westward with the sun during their 50-minute trips to the vicinity of the South Pole. Thus, if the KH-13 had such an orbit and was de-orbited during a north-to-south pass over northern South America (see figure at left), it could easily have impacted at Carancas, Peru, following essentially the very same trajectory as reported by eyewitnesses on September 15th (white dashed arrow on the Google satellite view above).

Sorcha Faal went on to assert that “...Americans themselves ...destroyed their own spy satellite with the attack upon it being made by the United States Air Forces' 30th Space Wing located at Vandenberg Air Force Base in California.” This wording to me implies an anti-satellite (ASAT) missile attack, but that simply could not have been the case, since a kinetic-energy ASAT strike on a satellite this large would have instantly doubled the debris in Low-Earth Orbits (LEO), putting all the rest of our satellites at risk and angering all of the world’s governments who have satellites in LEO (Physics Today, October 2007, p. 35). Since we haven’t heard a peep from a single foreign government, this could NOT have happened. However, all satellites of this size have means of being de-orbited. Indeed, the Keyhole satellites have a propulsion system for changing orbits, which almost certainly would be used in the event the de-orbit command is given.

O.K., now suppose that KH-13 was de-orbited (rather than blown to smithereens in space) by U.S. military officers who absolutely did not want it to be used for an attack against Iran. Assuming it shared the same mass as a KH-12, we’d have a reentry package of dry mass 10,000 kg plus up to 8,000 kg of rocket fuel aboard. The fuel would burn, thus accounting for the daytime visibility of the object that created the crater in Peru. Indeed, the reported light emission at such a low altitude is absolutely incompatible with what is known about meteorites of this size. Otherwise, the diameter of the Carancas crater was misstated by Sorcha Faal as 30 meters, whereas the actually measured crater dimensions were given as 13.3 by 13.8 meters (given in earlier links). Therefore, Faal’s claimed impact-energy release of 1 KiloTon of TNT is over a thousand times too large (vide infra).

I did my own calculations by means of a web-based impact-crater calculator:

For input parameters, I used 7.5 km/second for the orbital speed (typical of LEO satellites), 30 degrees for the impact angle, and for the material density of the impactor I ended up using that of solid iron, because the calculator insists that stony meteorites 10,000 kg or smaller always disintegrate in the upper atmosphere and therefore never impact the earth (except as scattered small pieces). I then varied the projectile diameter until I succeeded in calculating a 13.8 m diameter crater (assumed into sedimentary rock, as evident from the Peruvian altiplano impact site). The calculator noted that that 99.9% of the initial kinetic energy would have been dissipated in the atmosphere, leaving the energy equivalent of less than ½ Ton of TNT to excavate the crater. But the most important result was that the 0.99-meter-diameter pure-iron projectile that gave the correct crater diameter yielded the sought-after mass of the impacting object, that is, 3,050 kg – or about 30% of the dry mass of a Keyhole satellite. This seems like a reasonable number, since many exterior parts would have been aerodynamically ripped off and widely scattered.

The Radioisotope Thermoelectric Generators used in deep-space probes and military satellites (including KH-12) typically employ the Pu-238 as the oxide PuO2. While insoluble in water, PuO2 powder could become airborne in the event of a violent explosion (which this impact certainly was). If so, it would have sickened (and probably killed) anyone who breathed in even a small amount. This could explain reports of as many as 600 local villagers near the impact site becoming ill with “headaches, eye problems, irritated skin, nausea and vomiting” (see link below) ...even though their complaints were summarily dismissed as “mass hysteria” (earlier link). No follow-up medical reports have surfaced since the initial reporting.  Could this be because it really was mass hysteria ...or because of a rigorously enforced cover up?  (The following link still existed as of 10-2013.)

I have no idea how much Pu-238 is onboard such satellites as a power source. However, the decay heat of Pu-238 is 0.56 W/g; so, for example, a one kilowatt source would require just 1.8 kg of this extremely radioactive material (half-life 88 years). This amount of Pu-238 might account for reports boiling water in the crater (links above). On the other hand, if it actually was the KH-13 satellite and its fuel continued to burn all the way to the impact point, heated metal parts could have boiled the water for a brief time. In any event, all impact-crater experts would agree that boiling water in the crater doesn’t make any sense at all if the impactor was a meteorite, because ones of this size always reach the ground “stone cold.”

The link below explains why a full-scale air attack on Iran would provoke Iranian retaliation with modern Mach-2.5 “Sunburn” and “Yakhonts” anti-ship missiles which, as already proved in a recent U.S. war game, are virtually certain to sink the entire U.S. Fifth Fleet! And the neocons seem to be good with that ...because they are growing desperate for yet another Pearl Harbor. (The God damned traitorous bastards!!!)

So, what now? Unfortunately, it remains very likely that one of those nuclear-armed AGM-129 Advanced Cruise Missiles from Minot actually WAS stolen. The initial reports from Barksdale were that only 5 of the original 6 missiles arrived there. Then there is the fact that the obvious reason for intentionally downing the KH-13 would have been to prevent its imminent use for targeting the purloined AGM-129 against Iran. (Remember, the Peruvian impact was September 15th whereas the limit on the $900 million options bet was September 21st.)

I sincerely hope that the publicity given the B-52 incident will prevent the use of the stolen warhead on American soil!  Of course, the one person who still retains the motive, means, and opportunity to circumvent the sophisticated multi-layer security system protecting our nuclear weapons is the insane Dick Cheney. Hopefully, however, enough of our high-ranking military officers are sane and know who the real threat is.


Michael Collins said...

This is the most comprehensive and logical explanation of the "missing" nuclear weapons and the many players who planned to benefit from the various opportunities for tragedy. We're seemingly free of the neoconservative influence but that's only an illusion. We are sure to see them again but this was their greatest opportunity to take total control for many decades to come.

Thanks to some true patriots, you included David, the thought did not become the deed intended and we live to breathe on with the hope that freedom will once again be secured from these power junkies.

With high regards, Michael Coooins

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