Thursday, September 30, 2010

Professor Robert Pollin, economist and Co-Director of the PERI Institute at U. Mass. Amherst, is interviewed by Paul Jay of theREALnews network regarding what should (and shouldn't) be done to revive the U.S. economy

Blogger's Note: theREALnews really is "the real news" compared with the U.S. "Main Stream Media's" celebrity news, partisan harangues, and selective/superficial coverage of the most important news you and I really need to understand. Sad to say, even the PBS News Hour tiptoes around the things I really want to know. I can't stand to watch it anymore.

While theREALnews is far from my only news source, it's a very good one. So I check their nearly daily offerings, which I receive free by e-mail, and play the videos that most interest me. I blog what I believe to be the the best of the best, which I am doing today. I hadn't known of economist Robert Pollin before but was immediately struck by his handsome visage and impressed by the lucidity of his explainations of the economic dilemma we presently face. And I can't imagine a better interviewer than Paul Jay, who incisively fires well selected questions at the guests on his show (and doesn't interrupt them while they are answering). This five-part series, which I gathered together this past week, may be the finest yet.

Every time it gets this good I flip them a donation. Remember that theREALnews has no corporate sponsors (the very reason they are able to tell us the things we need to know but will never hear from the MSM).

Pt1 Austerity Not a Solution

Pt2 A Crisis in Business Confidence?

Pt3 If Stimulus Works, Why Is Unemployment So High?

Pt4 U.S. Economy a Train Wreck?

Pt5 "Creative Destruction" and Fascism

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