Sunday, April 09, 2017

Because I have a relatively small readership, I have sometimes separated my posts by as much as two weeks so that more of you will find my important ones. But this weekend is different. It has to do with the sudden cry that Syria must be bombed to ground in order to save its people. Of course, that is absurd, but thanks to the military-industrial-security complex and the lies of the despicable mainstream media, this is where the U.S. is now headed. So please read my last two posts before tackling this very important, but long, essay by Glenn Greenwald. Wake up America!

Trump In Freefall Collapse

April 9, 2017

Trump In Freefall Collapse

Glenn Greenwald explains the hypocrisy of the US political class and the removal of constitutional restraint on the power of the presidency. What he misses, perhaps, is the power of the Deep State. It required less than 100 days for Deep State propaganda to completely reverse President Trump’s announced policy of normalizing relations with Russia and removing the US from the Syrian conflict that Washington initiated. It is a far-fetched notion that the US has an accountable government.

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