Sunday, March 19, 2017

Ever wonder why Trump won? Well, it wasn’t due to Russia. Why not? Because even if Russians could have traveled half way around the world to enter thousands of US polling places, how could they have changed the votes in all of them without a single Russian being apprehended? Answer: It was impossible. So why have the “mainstream media” been claiming that Russia did it? Well, it appears that the lying media are owned by the neocons, who seem to want a war with Russia. So, why on earth would anyone want that?! Wouldn’t that kill us all? Well, my only answer is that they must be insane. So, what is really going on now? Find out by playing the discussion below. It’s the best summation you will find anywhere!

Wilkerson: Trump's Proposed $54 Billion Increase in the Military Budget Not for National Security
Col. Lawrence Wilkerson tells Paul Jay that from the expansion of NATO to the Western-led plundering of the former USSR, the US has given Russia enough reason to feel threatened.

Published on Feb 27, 2017

Larry Wilkerson tells Paul Jay that a massive increase in military spending is a disastrous policy, intended to serve the commercial interest of the military industrial complex, and the cuts to pay for it, are coming from all the wrong places

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opit said...

When the most outrageous supposition is forwarded, it is time to reflect "Perhaps it's not a bug. It's a feature !" In this case that would be "wouldn't that kill us all ?"