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Paul Craig Roberts and I have parallel back grounds, beginning with having both spent 9 years of our lives as students at quality universities. He is only one year younger than me, and our four-year universities were both technical. Then we split, with PCR taking up economy while I took physics. Some people who spend 8 or 9 years in universities promptly take up cushy positions rather than continuing advancing their respective studies. Conversely, PCR and I both used our 9-year university “stepping stones” to advance our respective fields: PCR (among other things) become one of Ronald Reagan’s top economists and an editor of the Wall Street Journal, while and I (among other things) advanced the field of glassy materials …and after 50 years in the lab (including finishing some of my work without pay post 2001) I won last year’s the top prize of the Glass and Optical Materials Division of the American Ceramic Society. Among about 270 attendees listening to my prize lecture on May 23, 2017, there were surely some of whom provided his/her justifications for that prize. So, winning this was truly a big deal. Now returning to the turn of the century, PCR gave up all the jobs that were providing him a good cash flows in order to spend full time to inform the American people of the evil is being done to them by their President, Representatives, and particularly the CIA. About the same time, I exited the Naval Research Laboratory in Washington, DC, after 33 years working there …partially because my management began requiring me (against my position description) to work on projects of military/industrial complex (commonly needed because of their stupid mistakes) instead of allowing me to continue advancing science. (N.B. I actually raised $666,000 from external entities in that decade …about enough for my salary but nowwhere near enough to cover my salary plus overhead). Long story short, besides continuing to publish scientific publications at my own expense, I have been following PCR ever since the turning of the century. Thus, I have routinely learned many, many things that the lying “mainstream media” never admits to …particularly when the subject is Russia, which the “powers that be” falsely vilify. (N.B., some of my best friends are Russian scientists.) Finally, back to PCR. In my estimation, the short essay below is totally correct, and perhaps PCR’s best ever. Please read it and send it to your friends.

Ten Aircraft Carriers Aligned in a Row  Paul Craig Roberts

January 12, 2017

Ten Aircraft Carriers Aligned in a Row

Paul Craig Roberts

Readers have asked me why 10 of 11 US aircraft carriers are lined up in a row in dock allegedly for maintenance. It reminds them of the battleships at Pearl Harbor. Readers ask if this could be an indication that the Deep State is planning a false flag attack on the carriers, as was carried out on the World Trade Center and Pentagon in order to get the US at war with the independent Muslim world, this time in order to get the US at war with Russia before Trump can restore normal relations.

I don’t think so. The Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor was real, if provoked. The deception apparently was in the fact that Washington had warning but did not share it with the US Navy in Pearl Harbor. The Battleships were outmoded weapons, and the aircraft carriers had been removed. It would be extremely difficult to blame a false flag attack on US aircraft carriers on Russia. Indeed, if Russia wants to attack the US, the target would not be obsolete weapons such as aircraft carriers.

According to what I have been told by former(?) intelligence officers, the aircraft carriers are in dock so that their copper wiring can be replaced by fiber optics. Apparently, the Russians have the capability to shut down the operating systems of our ships and aircraft that are copper wired. In behalf of this conclusion, there were news reports that a missile ship Washington sent to impress the Russian naval base in Crimea had all its systems shut down by the overflight of one Russian jet. According to another news report, two Israeli US jet fighters were sent to express disobedience to Russia’s controlled airspace in Syria. The Russians asked the Israelis to leave, and when they did not, the Russians shut down the fire control and communication systems of their aircraft.

According to what I have been told, the Russians discovered that copper wiring permits them to disrupt the operating systems with certain radar frequencies built into their air control systems.

If this account is true, and I lack the technical expertise to judge what I have been told, we are presented with a test case of what we are told are Russian and Chinese aggressive intentions against the West. With the US carrier task forces inoperative, this is a prime time for Russia to seize Ukraine and whatever else they are alleged to want, and it is a prime time for China to take Taiwan and Japan if they want it. There is no American Navy to deploy to stop them, and a nuclear threat from the clowns in Washington would mean nothing other than the complete destruction of the entire Western world, with the moronic idiots in Washington being the first to go. 

The charges of Chinese and Russian aggression are fantastic lies. China has not declared the Gulf of Mexico or the seas off the California coasts to be “areas of Chinese national interest,” but the killer bitch Hillary in the regime of the Nobel Peace Laureate declared the South China Sea to be “an area of US national interest.” This is provocation beyond provocation. No intelligent diplomat would ever make such a ridiculous and provocative claim.

Russia conquered Georgia in response to Georgia’s invasion of South Ossetia, but released it and did not reincorporate the former Russian province back into the Russian Federation where it had resided for 300 years. Russia refused the requests for reincorporation from the Donetsk and Luhansk breakaway republics in Ukraine. Russia has not declared the Baltics and Eastern Europe to be areas of Russian national interest, but the US has and has incorporated them into Washington’s mercenary army, stationing troops, tanks, and missiles there with which to attack Russia. Russia has not responded in kind.

All of the aggression in the world stems from Washington. This is plain as day. How come so few see the obvious? Who else but Washington has been at war since the Clinton regime murdering people in nine countries?

Why is the entire liberal-progressive-left helping the entrenched CIA Establishment demonize president-elect Donald Trump, whose stated goal is to normalize relations with Russia? Is this an indication that the liberal-progressive-left is a CIA front? This possibility is not far-fetched. As it is a known fact that the CIA owns the American and European print and TV media, why would the CIA ignore the liberal-left “progressive” Internet media?

The rule is that “the enemy of my enemy is my friend.” Clearly the Establishment enemy of the liberal-left is Trump’s enemy, so why is the liberal-left allied with its Establishment enemy against Trump?

The real question is: Does the US really have an independent liberal-left?

If so, where is it? The liberal-progressive-left has served as protectors of the fake 9/11 official story that a few Saudis uninformed by an intelligence service or a state apparatus outwitted all 16 US intelligence agencies, the National Security Council, the Pentagon, airport security, air traffic control, the US Air Force and Dick Cheney himself, along with Israel’s Mossad and all the intelligence services of the US Empire, and inflicted the most humuliating defeat on an alleged “superpower” in the entire history of the world.

Anyone stupid enough to believe the official 9/11 story is not sufficiently intelligent to be qualified to be left-wing or even a sentient being.

What the Western world hurtling to its destruction desperately needs is a real left-wing, a left-wing immune to emotional disabilities that blind it to reality.

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