Sunday, August 07, 2016

Oh how our government lies! But when it comes to the economy, the bigger the lies the bigger will be the crash. Here I'm talking about the stock market. And the only good news is that the banksters and stock market riggers will "go down with the ship" due to their own greedy ignorance. However, you honest folks with small savings should either sell all now ...or actually make money during the crash by buying into companies that already own large quantities of silver and gold ore which they can melt into those precious metals whenever the demand increases. (I provide you with several tried and trusted such companies in my second blog below.)

Another Phony Jobs Report — Paul Craig Roberts

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Another Phony Jobs Report

Paul Craig Roberts

As John Williams has made clear, the monthly payroll jobs number consists mainly of an add-on factor of 200,000 jobs. These jobs are a product of the assumption in the Birth-Death Model that new business ventures create more unreported new jobs than the unreported job losses from business failures. If we subtract out this made-up number, July saw a gain of 55,000 jobs, not enough to keep up with population growth. Even the 55,000 figure is overstated according to John Williams’ report: “The gimmicked, headline payroll gain of 255,000 more realistically should have come in below zero, net of built-in upside biases.”

In other words, the 255,000 jobs are the product of a virtual reality created by a faulty model and manipulations of seasonal adjustments. Williams says the real rate of unemployment is not the claimed 4.9% figure but 23%.

Even if we assume that 255,000 jobs were created in July, the news remains bad, because the jobs claimed are mainly lowly paid part time jobs without benefits and provide insufficient income to support an independent existence. This is why so many employed young people
continue to live at home with their parents.

The labor force participation rate, a measure of labor market strength, is far below where it was 22 years ago. The low participation rate is inconsistent with the claimed 4.9% rate of unemployment. 

Real GDP growth has been flat since 2009. The government produces the illusion of growth by understating inflation.

The conclusion is that Washington lies about the economy just as it lies about everything else.

The liquidity provided by the Federal Reserve, the European Central Bank, Bank of Japan, and Bank of England inflates the prices of stocks and bonds and keeps the stock market near its high. The inflated stock market creates the impression that the economy is strong. But, of course, if the economy were strong, interest rates would not be zero.

The house of cards will not forever stand.


David Hereaux said...

No matter what, when that ship goes down, the POS' in on its destruction will come out smelling like roses and have a fortune to retire on.

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