Thursday, December 24, 2015

Dearest friends, Catherine and I wish you a very joyful Christmas and a Happy New Year.  The pix below are from our home photographed today on Christmas Eve.

I haven’t posted a blog since last Friday because I think that more Americans should first read that one.  Apropos, as a kid our teachers would have drills where we would dive beneath our desks supposedly to save us from a nuclear attack from the Soviet Union. Fortunately Ronald Reagan, after having termed the Soviet Union “the evil empire,” negotiated a truce based on “mutually assured destruction.” This happy event was almost broken due to the Cuban missile crisis, but it was solved by John Kennedy negotiating a deal with Nikita Khrushchev, once again saving the world from nuclear annihilation.

Now the US neocons that have full command of the US government have broken the Kennedy-Khrushchev truce and are plotting to have a nuclear war with Russia come hell or high water.  Most of you won’t believe this because you can't believe that our government lies about everything and that the “mainstream” media repeat these lies in order to keep their jobs.  For example, the mainstream media scares the pants off Americans thinking of coming to Mexico, whereas we have lived in Mexico for 10 years now and have made around 100 6-hour round trips on the north-south highway to the US without being once stopped by the police, much less being shot by a cop. It's being in the US that scares us...

In fact, the US has now become the “the evil empire,” while Russia (1) has vastly superior nuclear and non-nuclear weapons but (2) is ready to negotiate a truce with anyone thinking of having a nuclear war.  While the mainstream media make Vladimir Putin to be a monster, I’ve watched a 3-hour “state of the union” address to his entire government plus members of the press whose questions he answered thoughtfully in the last half hour.  I was able to follow Putin’s discussion thanks to a near simultaneous English translation, which even if faked, contained no bluster by Putin, and both his government and the press showed no signs of agitation.   

To get a more accurate view of the real Putin, I strongly recommend that you play this short video that I featured in one of my earlier blogs:   Enjoy!

Tip: Once you have played Putin singing on the blog that I provide above, move past the bottom of that blog and find and click on the word "Home".  This will return you to where you started. Then you may scroll down to my re-post of the previous Friday, which explains what would happen if the US should ever start a nuclear war with Russia.

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David Hereaux said...

Merry Christmas. Stay warm and safe.