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If enough NATO nations decide to reject Washington's push for a war with Russia, there may be no war!

Polish General Waldemar Skrzypczak: “I retract everything I said about Ukraine”

Posted on Fort Russ
April 16. 2015
General Skrzypczak: “I retract everything I said about Ukraine”

By J.Hawk

Poland’s retired Land Forces commander and Deputy Defense Minister Waldemar Skrzypczak used to be in favor of arming and training the Ukrainian military. That was before the Rada passed the law glorifying the UPA–the same UPA that killed Skrzypczak’s uncle by pinning him to the door of a barn with a pitchfork. Now that Ukraine has shown its true colors, Skrzypczak has concluded that until Ukraine rids itself of its nationalism, it will be impossible for Poland to collaborate with that country in any meaningful fashion. I should note that Skrzypczak is an influential figure in Poland, a veteran military officer whose service included the command of an occupation zone in Iraq, and who has few peers when it comes to authoritativeness on national security matters.

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