Monday, August 04, 2014

I bet that your presstitute mainstream media haven't given you a clue that this has been going on ...or that Obama has provided more munitions to the blood-thirsty Israeli army so that they can continue murdering Palestinian children, like fish in a barrel. I hope that you will finally recognize the need for The Real News, because your despicable faux news intends to keep on keeping you in the dark for as long as you’re willing to let them.

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Israeli Forces Target UN School Shelter, Children and Hospitals  

Pernille Ironside: The Chief of the UNICEF Field Office in Gaza describes the growing death toll and the rising humanitarian crisis - August 1, 14

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Pernille Ironside is UNICEF's Chief of Gaza Field Office, where she is leading UNICEF's emergency response across the Gaza Strip in the occupied Palestinian territory. She has held this position since August 2013; and has served in various other roles since joining the United Nations in 2002, including in the Philippines, Yemen, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and as UNICEF's global adviser on child protection in emergencies at Headquarters in New York.

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