Thursday, July 03, 2014

Dear visitor to my blog, As you may know, most of my recent posts are quasi-replicated re-postings of the work of others. Accordingly, I was getting set to repost the June 30, 2014 lead post of Democracy Now, when I discovered that the embed code would not function ...even though it appeared to be no different in construction from the many Democracy Now embed codes I've used in the past. After many tries with no luck, I finally decided that it must have been censored. Why do I think that? Well, upon watching the video corresponding to the frozen copy below, I've concluded that it is because Edward Snowden comes across in this testimony before the German Parliament as such a sincere individual with true concern for human rights so deep that he regards his having to hide in Russia indefinitely is a small price to pay to get out the story of NSA's spying. Indeed, it is my sense that anyone who has been previously been lied into believing that Snowden is a traitor will immediatly see him as a HERO! So go to the link below the photo, which should take you to the original, and watch at least long enough to take in this close-up segment (about 4 minutes in), and then decide whether or not you agree with my assessment.

Snowden Asylum in Germany? Support Grows for NSA Whistleblower After Merkel Cancels Verizon Contract

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