Sunday, May 04, 2014

The southern and eastern parts of Ukraine used to belong to Russia for 400 years and were given to Ukraine by Lenin and Krushtev back when they were all part of the Soviet Union. Part of the agreement was that 16,000 Russian troops would remain in Crimea until 2040. Because most Crimeans are Russian speaking, they will surely support the Russian troops against the muderous goons of the west paid by the U.S. In the meantime the armed forces of Ukraine and Russia are disinclined fight each other.

On the ground in the Ukraine
What the occupation looked like in March

A report from Simon Ostrovsky of Vice

I like VICE.

They actually go places and show you what they look like and talk to real people.

The Lame Stream news media could learn a few lessons.

This footage is from March. We'll be showing more recent footage in future broadcasts.

In this case, Russian civilians and Russian military units have just surrounded the Ukraine's Naval High Command in Sevastopol.

They're blocking all the entrances and exists and the base is essentially under a state of siege.

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Citizens disarming troops in the Ukraine
The Ukraine "anti-terror" force has a bad day

Reporting from Simon Ostrovsky for Vice

Here's something you don't see every day.

Citizens block a convoy of armored personnel carriers packed with troops armed to the teeth.

They block them and hold them and eventually the troops are disarmed.

The troops in question are Ukrainian "anti-terror" troops and the citizens are pro-Russian protestors.

Pretty calm and orderly. I'm afraid I can't imagine our own steroid-jacked police and troops handling such a tense situation with such calm and poise.

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