Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Harvey Wasserman knows what he is talking about. Particularly, the fuel rods in a shaky above ground storage tub that must be kept under water or else the protective tubes would spontaneously catch fire releasing the contained radioisotopes into that atmosphere. And this is sure to happen when the next strong earthquake strikes near by. The company TEPCO has no experts. And being a company they are more interested in making money than protecting against disaster. Wasserman argues that the world's top experts should now take over this critical problem. But there seems to be barriers to even getting the UN involved, while the news media, ignorant of the problem play it down. I, like Wasserman, love Japan but like him I would not go back there now.

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Harvey Wasserman: Risky Operation at Fukushima Demands World Action


Published on Nov 19, 2013

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This week, the operator of Japan's crippled Fukushima nuclear plant began the process to remove 400 tons of highly irradiated spent fuel, Nuclear researcher Harvey Wasserman talks about the risks involved and need for world intervention. Distributed by OneLoad.com

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