Monday, July 01, 2013

Many of the nearly 48 million Americans now on food stamps work extremely hard but are paid such low wages that they can't make ends meet without them.

Greg Kaufmann on the Truth About American Poverty
June 28, 2013                                                                                                                          Original Here

Greg Kaufmann, poverty correspondent for The Nation, says the poor in America are stereotyped and demonized in an effort to justify huge cuts in food stamps and other crucial programs for low-income Americans.

“People are working and they’re not getting paid enough to feed their families, pay their utilities, pay for their housing, pay for the healthcare… if you’re not paying people enough to pay for the basics, they’re going to need help getting food,” Kaufmann tells Bill. “There are a lot of corporations that want to be involved in the fight against hunger. The best thing they can do is get on board for fair wages.”

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Greg Kaufmann
Poverty Correspondent

Greg Kaufmann, poverty correspondent for The Nation, covers hunger, politics and policy in America. Through his blog, This Week in Poverty, Kaufmann informs his readers about America’s ongoing struggle to address poverty, and offers solutions to eradicate the suffering of those living under its painful conditions.

Kaufmann has been a guest on NPR programs including Here & Now, Your Call, Radio Times with Marty Moss-Coane, and local programs including The Matthew Filipowicz Show. His work has also appeared on, Common Dreams, Alternet,,,,, and

Kaufmann serves as an adviser for the Economic Hardship Reporting Project, founded by journalist Barbara Ehrenreich, and the Institute for Policy Studies. Kaufmann graduated from Dickinson College and studied creative writing at Miami University in Ohio.

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