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Blogger's Note: Bernie Ellis organized the National Election Reform Conference held at the Jefferson Street Missionary Baptist Church in Nashville, TN, April 8-10, 2005. It was attended by individuals from all across the United States who perceived -- and more commonly PROVED -- massive fraud in the 2004 Presidential Election, flipping millions of votes from Kerry to Bush. Forty of these individuals (including me) were allotted speaking spots. On the last day a number of topical discussion groups were held; the picture at the left shows Bernie (in white shirt, left) paying a visit to the group that I had joined. Ironically (given that the venue was a black church) most speakers were white. What may seen to be an even greater irony, Bernie was tapped to be the keynote speaker at Oak Ridge National Laboratory on Martin Luther King Day last month. But if you watch the video below, and I hope you all will, you will see that it was no irony at all... It literally had me in tears.

Martin Luther King Day Keynote Address at US Dept of Energy - Oak Ridge, TN

Uploaded by BernieEllis1 on Feb 23, 2012

Protecting the Promise of America

This presentation was the keynote address at the 2012 Martin Luther King Day celebration held at the US Department of Energy/Y-12 facility in Oak Ridge, TN, one of the most secure facilities in this country. At the recommendation of the TN chapter of the NAACP, Bernie Ellis, the organizer of the Tennessee-based grassroots election integrity organization, Gathering To Save Our Democracy, was asked to address the large USDOE audience on past and present efforts to protect, defend and extend voting rights in Tennessee and the nation; and on the serious threats to our franchise that are underway today.

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