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Chemtrails above the Catalina Mountains near Tucson (photo credit the blogger)
Chemtrails over the Brittany coast in France (photo credit the blogger)
Chemtrail over San Carlos Mexico [note normal contrail of the legitimate jetliner coincidentally emerging at upper right]  (photo credit the blogger)
Four Must See Videos, Three Short and one Long:

The young lady first interviewed in the short video below shows good common sense and is perfectly right about normal jet aircraft contrails evaporating in a short period of time. In fact, normal contrails comprise tiny ice particles condensed from the water vapor present in the turbofan engine exhaust, forming a trailing "cloud" until inevitably sublimating (like dry ice) back into the vapor phase.  At the end of this news report, Georgia Tech "weather researcher"  Dr. Jim Saint George surely should have known that, but instead he seems to assert that there are no chemtrails, only contrails.  So one must assume Jim was the designated "conspiracy theory debunker" of the so called "mainstream media," whose job it is to cover up government crimes.

Update 6/23/13. The original video embedded immediately below and described above was subsequently withdrawn due to alleged copyright issues.  The presently available replacement that I substitute below has been altered to give the viewer the impression that only kooky "conspiracy theorists" believe that chemtrails are different from contrails.  Again, I applaud the young lady for getting it right and condemn the "mainstream media" for becoming the propaganda arm of our criminal government.
Chemtrails in the News February 2011 (CBS)

Below we see a clear video of what looks to be a U.S. Air Force KC-10 mid-air-refueling tanker spewing chemtrails from nozzles (circled in green) well separated from its three turbofan engines (circled in yellow).
Chemtrail Spraying Up Close; Definitive Proof - This Must Stop

In the next short video you can see for yourself the difference between normal contrails and chemtrails.  Chemtrails do not sublimate because (as you will learn in the last video) they comprise mainly hard particles of alumina, i.e., aluminum oxide (Al2O3), in very small "aerosol" sizes, which tend to stay suspended in the air for long periods of time like dust in a dust storm.
Don't believe in chemtrails? Watch this! Watch the sky heads Up!

Here below is a full-length video, which I urge everyone to find the time to view
It starts off at the 2010 Annual Meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science in San Diego, where one of the sessions dealt with "geoengineering" and global warming.  There one scientist, David Keith, reported that aerosol particles are being put into the stratosphere supposedly as a way of reversing global warming (although others in this film express their believe that there could be political reasons for chemtrails, perhaps even "a global conspiracy").  Under questioning, Dr. Keith finally admitted that the aerosol particles in question consist of alumina and that no research at all had been done on the effects of such aerosols on humans who breath or swallow them, which he supposed "could be something terrible." The film next visits solar expert Dane Wigington and USGS Biologist Francis Mangels at an ecological reserve in Northern California.  They performed tests of snow from the summit of nearby Mt. Shasta, finding 61,100 parts per billion (ppb) aluminum (61 times over the government limit, yet hikers are drinking it), 83 ppb barium, and 383 ppb strontium ...and that the amount of alumina had escalated 50,000 times within the previous five years, during which time the sky had been made hazy by daily chemtrails.  Next you will meet former Arizona State Senator Karen Johnson, a Republican who has studied these issues in detail and, fearing for her 35 grandchildren, is ready to "stand up and fight" against those who are dropping these dangerous chemicals on us.  Then we are taken to Hawaii, where native plants are dying and those who live there can no longer see the horizon due to daily chemtrailing.  One woman had her young daughter's hair analyzed, finding a startling aluminum excess.  There is no refuge in organic foods, since the alumina falls everywhere.  It is very likely that Monsanto's known development of genetically modifed seeds capable of growing in alumina-rich soils is no coincidence.  Finally, we go to Belgium where we meet Peter Vereeke, who was on the city council and later mayor of Evergem, and has now dedicated himself to ending chemtrails -- beginning by his arranging the first International Chemtrail Conference.
What in the World Are They Spraying? (Full Length)


Anonymous said...

You surely know that the crystals present in contrails can indeed persist and last for hours.. it all depends on the temperature, relative humidity, etc. Stating that this is somehow not true makes me wonder if you're thinking scientifically about the subject matter. It's a common 'chemtrail' myth that contrails don't persist, or that hi-bypass engines don't create contrails, and a host of other false assumptions that get posited as 'fact' in this realm, so U urge you, as a man of science, to look a little deeper into these untruths and perhaps correct this page. Your reputation is being touted around here by others, and I hate to see that the facts don't back it up.

Paul Fassa said...

There are three topics that attract more trolls and shills than others - vaccines, GMOs, and chemtrails. The tone is very similar - attack the messenger and come up with bogus scientific statements to muddy the waters while contributing nada!

Anonymous said...

Well said Paul. I also think the trolls and shills are given scripts by their employers to post. Same rubbish all the time.