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Blogger's Note: Most of my readers correctly infer that I am a progressive Democrat. But you might not be aware of my epiphany that, at the grass roots level, there are a number of things that honest folks on both ends of the left-to-right spectrum can agree upon.  In fact, out in Arizona progressive Democrats and right-wing Republicans have allied to fight insider election fraud.

And there is one other thing we can all agree on, that is, the need to restore the rights originally guaranteed to us under our Constitution and Bill of Rights -- which are presently suspended by the infamous Partiot Act passed in haste supposedly to defend us against the "terrorists" alleged to have pulled of the 9/11 attacks, but couldn't have and didn't.  Here below, freshman Republican Senator Rand Paul, son of former Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul, explains why every one of us should be demanding that our representatives vote to repeal the freedom-stealing Patriot Act.

BTW, I believe I would have voted for Ron Paul had he run against Obama in 2008. Unfortunately, however, his commanding 37% lead in the exit poll held at 2007 Iowa "straw poll" transmogrified into an ignominious 9% upon the eventual release of the official count, which showed Mitt Romney miraculously rising from deep in the also-ran pack up to 32% following a long delay attributed to a computer "malfunction" (yeah, right!).

Rand Paul: Stand Up For Rights, Don't Cast "Politically Easy Votes" [VIDEO]

posted by: Robin Marty
February 12, 2011

Freshman Senator Rand Paul has already bucked his party once when it comes to renewing the Patriot Act.  Now he has made it clear that despite the revote, which needs a simple majority, they will not be getting support from him.  With some pointed words to his own party, Paul releases a seven minute long video explaining his vote, and accuses the GOP of giving up supporting the constitution in exchange for casting "politically easy votes."

I intend to oppose extending the expiring provisions of the PATRIOT Act in the coming weeks. But more importantly, I want to spark a discussion of who we want to be as a people and as a nation. Are we a nation whose laws that are in place to protect the rights of the people? Or are we willing to give those rights up to more expeditiously capture criminals?
I think it is about time we in Congress took a serious look at our obligations to stand up for the rights of those we are supposed to represent, rather than casting the politically easy votes.

Watch the full video below. (h/t Think Progress)

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ken said...

I think Ron Paul has some very principled positions and was certainly right that we don't have the money to be fighting wars on behalf of dubious dictators and where our efforts only make things worse in the long run. He is wrong about "flat tax" which is a sleight-of-hand trick to further bankrupt the system and poor and middle class people. His son Rand is right on the Patriot Act but he was disgraceful in his waffling or dismissive comments about his wingnut supporters stomping on the young woman at his rally. How was that "Libertarian"?