Friday, November 26, 2010

OPT OUT DAY REPORT: We The People Have Won the Opening Battle!

From George Donnelly:

TSA Blinks in Face of We Won’t Fly and Opt Out Day Campaigns from George Donnelly on Vimeo.

But just remember folks that "The price of liberty is eternal vigilence."

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Mark E. Smith said...

One of the most egregious incidents, and one that I watched several times, was the pat down of a TV reporter's 3-year-old daughter, Mandy. The TSA agent, an older (gray-haired), overweight male, had an intent and determined look on his face as he repeatedly rubbed the bare legs (what could possibly be hidden "under the clothes" of a 3-year-old's bare legs?) and touched her genital area, as the little girl, being held by her mother, cried and screamed, "Stop touching me!"

I also posted the video to my website. But when I went to look at it again, it had been removed from YouTube, ostensibly due to a copyright claim. When I did a Google search to see if anyone still had the video posted, I found that there was a new video, this one showing Mandy being patted down by a female TSA agent.

Apparently there were so many complaints that TSA realized that the pat down of Mandy did not comply with their stated same-sex policy--the man was not the same sex as either Mandy or her mother.

The father, the TV reporter who filmed the incident, was probably paid off or promoted for allowing the new fake video. I don't know if the original video was photo-shopped, or if they forced Mandy to submit to a second pat down so that they could film it being done by a female agent. But the original video was unforgettable and it is obvious that the male TSA agent didn't magically have a sex, age, and skin color change.

Video fakery is a big part of how the government perpetrated their phony 9/11 story, and now they're using it to perpetrate the TSA invasions of privacy.