Sunday, June 27, 2010

FRACKING: If this word isn't yet in your vocabulary, you should add it soon.

I first came across this word in a geologist discussion group, where the question was asked "What do you think of fracking."

The video below arrived in my mailbox today, compliments of Brasscheck TV, which also offered this narrative:

It's a simple story.

Criminals take over the White House in 2000 and hand over everything not nailed down to their criminal friends in the energy industry.

One of the things they handed over in 2005 was complete immunity to gas drilling companies for damaging water wells and ground water.

The result?

PERMANENTLY destroyed fresh water sources in thousands of North American communities.
Bush & Co cheered. Obama & Co. are fine with it too.

The catastrophe on the Gulf is only the most obvious problem.

You can find more videos on this subject on YouTube.  And note too that you can sign up on Brasscheck to occasionally receive similar videos by e-mail for free, no strings attached.

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