Saturday, November 21, 2009

A Well-Research History of Swine Flu A/H1N1 and Its Unneeded (and Undesirable!) Vaccine

BELL TOLLING for the Swine Flu (CAMPANAS por la gripe A) subtitled from ALISH on Vimeo.

This video is presented in very clear Spanish, with well done English subtitles (which to see clearly you must remove your cursor from the start/stop button).

The speaker, Sister Teresa Forcades, has a doctorate in Public Health from the University of Barcelona with a specialization in Internal Medicine (State University of New York).

Here she relates a history of the swine flu virus A/H1N1 that is not well known to those who get their news from the U.S. "mainstream media." Among other things, we learn here that:

Data from the southern hemisphere, "shows that the swine flu has a lower mortality rate and complications rate than the annual flu."

"At the end of January, 2009, the Austrian subsidiary of the North American pharmaceutical company, Baxter, delivered 72 kilos of vaccine material to 16 laboratories in Austria, Germany, the Czech Republic and Slovenia. A laboratory technician from the company, BioTest in the Czech Republic decided on his own to test the vaccines in ferrets" ...and all of these ferrets died.

"On the 29 April, 2009, 12 days after the detection of the first cases of the swine flu, Dr. Margaret Chan, Director General of the WHO, declared that the level of alert because of the danger of pandemic was phase 5 (on a scale 1-6) and ordered all governments of the member states of the WHO to activate emergency plans and maximum health alert. A month and a half later, on June 11, 2009, Dr. Chan declared that the A/H1N1 S-OIV pandemic was a reality (phase 6)"

Dr. Forcades explains that this announcement by WHO embodies an entirely new definition of pandemic as essentially any new disease that may spread around the world irregardless of its communicability or mortality rate. Unfortunately, however, when WHO declares a phase-6 pandemic, it has the authority to command that "a given segment of the people or even of the whole population" be vaccinated.

In fact, swine flu is not new. It has just reappeared after an absence of 70 years ...possibly in a laboratory working with DNA of 70-year-old cadavers.

In the U.S there are national and state laws on the books that require every resident to be inoculated in the event of a pandemic under pain of $1000/day fines and/or imprisonment.

These vaccines include unusually high amounts of co-adjuvants to boost the immune system. "The problem with this rationale is that no one can be sure that this artificial stimulus to the immune system will not provoke serious autoimmune diseases (like Guillain-Barré paralysis)."

"The third novelty that distinguishes the swine flu vaccine from [those for seasonal flu] is that the manufacturing companies are demanding that the States sign agreements so that they will have impunity if the vaccines have more side effects than expected (e.g. the Guillain-Barré paralysis may affect 10 people in every million who are vaccinated with the annual flu vaccine): The USA has signed a document which frees the politicians and the pharmaceutical companies from all responsibilities associated with unexpected side effects of the swine flu vaccine."

Dr. Forcades delicately broaches the subject of conspiracy theories, advising us to remain calm and objective, but reminding us that history has shown that persons in positions of great power have repeatedly tended to use their power to enslave the people they control and kill or weaken those they don't.

If you choose not to watch the whole video or would like to review certain details, a summary written by Dr. Forcades is available.


Mark E. Smith said...

$1,000 a day fine or imprisonment for those who choose not to get vaccinated?

Our overcrowded prisons are hotbeds of contagious diseases like drug-resistant tuberculosis, and rape by prisoners with AIDS is very common. So if we don't let them kill us with the vaccine, they'll find another way to kill us, more painfully.

I'm not getting vaccinated. If big pharma wants to kill me it will, but I'm not going to volunteer.

éminence grise said...

Our prisons are already overflowing, with one American in 100 being incarcerated (a world record). They'll have to use those concentration camps that Bush paid Halliburton to construct.

In any event, I'm not going to volunteer either.

mary said...

I refuse to get vaccinated.