Friday, October 23, 2009


There was a warning long before this mega-crime was committed, but it was ignored.
FRONTLINE gives you the little known history.

Professor Chossudovsky tells you how the scam works.

From here on, no more "socialist" government taking our hard-earned tax money to aid the poor. No! The new privatized U.S.A. will socialize the gambling losses of the big banks, taking money from the poor -- soon to include the former middle class -- to "aid" the super rich.

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Mark E. Smith said...

Yup. The government takes taxpayer money and uses it for war and bailouts. That leaves our infrastructure underfunded, so it has to be privatized, and the beneficiaries of the taxpayer bailouts use the money they got to buy up the infrastructure.

Example: Average Jane is one paycheck away from poverty, but is meeting her mortgage payments. The government uses her tax money to reward companies for outsourcing jobs, her job gets outsourced, she can't make her mortgage payment, and the bank forecloses her house.

But Jane is one of the lucky ones. Now she's renting, but she found another job as a teacher. The government takes her tax money and uses it for wars and bailouts. Education is underfunded and her school is privatized. One of the banks that got a bailout extends credit to a crony who runs a private education corporation, so when her school is privatized, he uses her tax money to buy it and fires her.

Jane isn't down yet. She starts living in her car and gets a job driving a bus. The government is still using her tax money for wars and bailouts, so the price of gas goes up, there's no money for road and highway repaid and maintenance, and public transportation subsidies are slashed, so the bus company reduces the number of routes and fires her.

Now Jane is homeless, but she immediately enrols in a program to help homeless people find housing and jobs (a privatized program, of course), and they help her find a job and a cheap apartment. The job is working for the bank that used part of the bailout money to buy the apartment building she's living in. Now the bank that got her tax money as a bailout, is her boss and her landlord--they own her completely thanks to our government having given them her tax money.

But Jane is still unbowed. She is determined to better herself. Unfortunately, she becomes ill and her insurance company denies her medical bills due to a pre-existing condition she hadn't been aware of. She's too ill to work and can't pay her rent, so she goes down to see if she can qualify for disability benefits or welfare. But a lot of other people got there first and due to funding shortages there isn't enough money for Social Security, disability, or welfare benefits. But not to worry--those services will be privatized also, and the banks will use her tax money that they got in bailouts, to buy up those services and deny her claims so that they can maximize profits.

Jane is now sick, homeless, unemployed, and relies on churches for food. One day she's standing on the soup line when a millionaire banker drives by in a limousine and yells out the window, "You lazy bums--why don't you get a job?"

Jane is found dead of an overdose the next morning and the coroner rules it a suicide.

I think it was a homicide--murder by bailout.